New job: Lecturer of Film & Television at University of Bristol

Now that the contract is signed and returned, I’m pleased to say that I’ve joined the brilliant folks at the University of Bristol, where I’ll be Lecturer in Film and Television for the next six ten months. (EDIT: I’m now contracted at UoB until July 2023.)

As ever, it’s nice to be stepping off the hourly-paid treadmill, even if only temporarily. I was lining up to teach (well, co-teach, mostly) on seven different modules at four different institutions this term, and just being able to have my head in one place will be a huge relief. There’ll be some commuting, sure, but I’m looking forward to joining the teach at Bristol, where I’ll be helping out on their MA programme in 2022/23.

Special thanks (and apologies) to all the colleagues who took the news of me leaving, with only a week until classes start, so well, and with such encouragement. I’m sad to be giving up some modules, including ones I’ve taught for several years, but looking forward to this new challenge (and catching up with my Bristolian mates!)

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